Load Balancing as Standard

Having a load balanced website means your customers will have a great experience every time they visit your site, and you - as the site owner - can rest assured that performance won't drop at any time.

We have a full explanation of load balancing here >

We want to offer the fastest, simplest, most reliable hosting possible, and load balancing is a vital part of that offering. Take into consideration the steps we already take to achieve these goals on each individual server...

  • High specification servers as standard
  • Latest technology - reviewed annually
  • Constant performance monitoring
  • Limited of number of websites per server 
  • Health monitoring

...and then add load balancing on top of that. What you end up with is utlra-fast, ultra-reliable hosting, all for a simple fee of £10+VAT/month.

Take a test flight - see your site running on our servers before you commit.