How long will my website be down for during transfer?

Your website won't actually be down for any time at all!

All of the transferring of files etc is done in preparation, and when everything is in place the actual switch is simply changing a few settings (during which we 'point' your domain name at the new version of the website) and the change-over will occur seamlessly within a few hours.

Please note: The transfer process begins with your website files and database being copied/downloaded. Once this process has been started, any subsequent changes to your site such as form completions, image uploads, text changes, purchases etc, will be lost unless a new copy of the site is taken.

If your site is particularly quiet at a certain time of day, then we will be happy to work with you to ensure the minimal disruption to your customers by fitting in with those times.

Take a test flight - see your site running on our servers before you commit.