How bad can my current hosting company be?

Well it depends on the host, but from experience we can confidently tell you that a lot of the larger hosting companies out there are offering atrocious service and even worse reliability and speed.

The speed of your host isn’t just about the delivery of a web page, it’s also about how long it takes you to administer the site (FTP, CMS etc) and about how many errors or timeouts might be caused because of the 1000’s of other people who share your server happen to be having a busy day.

The quality of your hosting is something you or your hosting company know who you share a server with? If any one of the websites which share your server is up to no good, it could penalise every other site because they are on the same IP address.

Does your current host continually monitor your server for performance -then upgrade automatically if there is any slowdown at all? Probably not, but we will.

The main point here is that because we are a small hosting company, exclusively in place for UK customers, we are able to offer better performance and better service. If you’re a business owner, then we know you don’t have time to worry about monitoring a slow and unreliable website. We're guessing you would also like to have a point of contact should your business evolve or diversify and require a different level of service. That's the kind of service we're here to offer you.


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